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Membership Types

SouthSide Health & Fitness offers a variety of memberships to suit every need. 


Adult – 21 years old and older – The primary member.

Youth – 12 to 14 years old – Once added to a primary membership agreement, youth members may access limited areas of the facilities with a signed liability waiver.  Youth members are to remain with the Adult member at all times.  For example, the primary member may not leave the youth in the weight area while they themselves are in the cardio area. Safety of all of our members, especially youth members, is of our highest priority. 


Teenage – 15 to 21 years old – Teenage members are allowed to workout without parental supervision during staffed hours.  However, the parent must also be a SSHF member and have a current, signed liability waiver.    


Day Pass Users – Day pass users may be teenage or adult. Youth passes may be purchased in conjunction with a supervising adult pass. Passes are valid for up to two hours. Day passes may only be utilized during staffed hours.


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